After a few years without the long-awaited new album release, German "Deutschpunk" band Kapitulation B.o.N.n. is back with a bang. Back with "A new album
for an Old World" (that never seems to change...).

The five musicians from Frankfurt / central Germany have been recognized by a broad audience since their 1992 debut on the well established German Punk compilation series "Schlachtrufe BRD". Besides their highly remarked album releases "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night, 1993), "Feuer!" (Fire!, 1997) and "Blut" (Blood, 1998) the band constantly set contributions to compilation projects concerning and reflecting political and social issues.

Though Kapitulation B.o.N.n. don't intend to deny their European punk roots, they never get stuck in old clichés and create their very own mixture of german Punk Rock, adding various ingredients from Rock to Metal elements (and a little bit of "black" humor from time to time...). Of course, throughout the years the band has established itself as a genuine and impressive live act as well.

The year 2004 saw the release of their fourth full length
studio album "Helden" (Heroes), which once more deals
with today's most present issues, being expressed from both, political and personal view. "In times of Blood spilled and Fire being set in not less than every corner of this world, there seems to be more need in Heroes than ever before", the band states in the liner notes of their most recent album.

So "Helden" continues Kapitulation B.o.N.n.'s highly
acclaimed free-of-clichés series of new-type German Punk Rock albums.

"Helden" is available on CD and LP (lim. edition in coloured vinyl incl. lyrics sheet). Also Kapitulation B.o.N.n.'s earlier albums "Feuer!" and "Blut" are available again on both CD (incl. 7 bonus tracks each) and LP (coloured vinyl incl. lyrics sheet). You can order directly from here.


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